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The Dog Tags on this website are totally genuine embossed US Army Dog Tags. Originally, this technique derived from stamping, was used to give Dog Tags an indelible inscription unlike the engraved dog tags which were unreadable due to sweating.

Today, the dog tags are not only worn by military, but everybody may find it cool to wear as a fancy jewelery, or to express a sense of identity.

The dog tag is also widely used in the field of identification and labeling, or to add a good value to perfume, wine, liquor bottles, or to identify luggage (suitcase, trolleys, purses... ). We can find the dog tags in Arts and Craft used for customizing objects or clothes.



You can customize your dog tags from genuine US Army dog tags with a clever on line Dog Tag Generator on


Available in stainless steel dull or shiny finish, brass, coloured aluminium (7 colours) and copper; those military dog tags are embossed in France like the authentic US Army dog tags. You have the choice of 21 silencers (silicone protection) in order to personalize your dog tag and wear it as a fancy jewel with a large choice of ball chains in stainless steel, brass, copper or silver to perfectly match with your dog tag. Different sizes available: 24, 27 or 30 inches.


You may find different uses for the authentic dog tag: fancy jewel, labeling in general (suitcase, purse, luggage...), arts & crafts, enhancement of a nice and pricy bottle of wine, decoration, key ring. dog tag and accessories webshop proposes a retail store to buy all items separately.

You'd like to share your ideas? This photo gallery is dedicated to show all the other ways to use a dog tag than in a battlefield!.
What is YOUR way to use a dog tag?

About the smart dog tag generator... is a unique website in the dog tag field thanks to its smart dog tag generator (you can generate your own in WYSIWYG (virtual view of the result you'd like) from the choice of the dog tag to the embossing.

It's definitely a PLUS to see what you're going to get. However, as it is a photo montage in order to show the product embossed before embossing, the pictures are shown for illustration purposes only.

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