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Are the Dog Tags sold on
contain nickel?

Basically, the genuine dog tags are manufactured from stainless steel Z2CN18-10 (according to the EN 10027 European classification and contain between 9 and 11 % of nickel. For avoiding all allergies risks, and in accordance to the European and French directives in term of nickel release on the skin, we've processed tests on the Dog Tags that we are selling. They passed the tests on October, 25th 2010, supervised by an independant organization according to NF EN 12472 and NF EN 1811 norms concluding that the samples tested released less than 0,5 µg/cm2 and by week.

Will I received the exact same Dog Tag I configured on the website or is it possible to have some differences in any way?

The digital aspect ongenerator is a graphic embossing simulation made from pictures of Dog Tags and accessories. Actually, according to the the material chosen, the embossing pressure may vary a bit from a letter to another. Ditto for the spaces between letters. In fact, it depends on the setting or the techonlogy of your screen, the colours may appear a little bit different than real.
To have an accurate idea of the Dog Tag you want, Please go to id tag to see some samples of Dog Tags made from real orders.

What are the different payment solution on ?

On our website, you can pay by cheque (only French and for more than 5 € of purchase); by credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal (more than 15 € of purchase). The wire transfer is now avalaible (+ than 6,50 € of purchase)
- If you want to pay by wire transfer from Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg, choose the European wire transfer (and not the international one).
- If you pay by cheque, the order is SARL ANDROMEDIA.
- If you pay by credit card Visa or Mastercard, you'll be redirected on a secured SSL page on our CICbank website.
- If you want to pay by PayPal, you have to purchase a minimum of 15,00 .
Picture showing different ways of online secured payment.
Also, your bank may need from you an authentication. In this case, thanks to follow the instructions in terms of secured payment on the Internet.

May I have a shipping address different than the billing address?

Yes you may!

You can also choose the gift option with a personalized text on a gift card in a silver gift bag to your special one's address. A very thoughtful move for less than 3 €.
When you've reached the step 3/3 of your order, answer yes to the question : Would you like to give it as a present or ship it out to a different address? then follow the instructions.

Non contractuel picture of a silver gift bag for Military Dog Tag gifts.


May I have a price depends on quantity?
If you're a group, a community, an association, a marketing agency or a retailer in advertising? We can offer a special price from 100 exact same pieces or 200 personalized pieces. In any event, youMUST have :
- Final Proof on an item (17.94 € by item and material, advanced payment.)
- Manufacturing time: according to the quantity, contact us.
Below the indicated quantity, thanks to use the website. is powered by Andromedia Ltd - Issued share capital 7650 € - RCS B Roanne 403611478 - Grande rue du Château - 42120 PERREUX - FRANCE -
Tel: 33 (0) 663 626 894
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